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Welcome to LinuxonAndroid's Wiki

For info about Linuxonandroid see here If you would like to add something to the wiki, during to large amounts of spam account creation is disabled, to get an account simply email me ( with the Username, password and Email address you would like to use for your account

Areas of LinuxonAndroid's wiki

This wiki is split into a range of areas to help you find the information you need, from rooting to cool ways to use LinuxonAndroid the wiki has it all!

  • General FAQ - For all FAQ pages
  • Rooting Guides - LinuxonAndroid requires root so here is a library of rooting methods for devices
  • Uses for LinuxonAndroid - Guides on how to use LinuxonAndroid for a whole host of things
  • Changelog - Changelogs for the apps/scripts/images (also found within the app)
  • Supported Distros - A outline of all distros we support (with links to there respective wiki pages)
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